African Immigrants' Social & Cultural Services



We have revised our mission in order to concentrate on the work we have been doing in the Shirati area of Western Tanzania, and we are taking on a new name that better reflects this: Rural Education and Community Health (REACH) Shirati. For short: REACH Shirati. In the next months, we will be making the name official and unveiling a new website. STAY TUNED!


To help communities in the Shirati area with education, medical services, clean water, and adequate nutrition, we:

  • Provide funds for the construction of educational
       facilities and for educational staff.

  •    For example, we have built a primary school in the
       village of Nyamagongo. The school currently has
       nearly 350 students. All students are provided a
       free lunch.

  • Recruit volunteers for our Global Outreach Program

  •    Volunteers travel to Tanzania and work on projects
       side-by-side with local villagers. For example, our
       volunteers have constructed two large-capacity
       rainwater storage tanks on the school grounds.—
       See our video of volunteers at work on one of the
       tanks: Part I (click here)  Part II (click here)

  • Provide food for hospital patients.

  •    The local hospital is too poor to provide food for
       patients. We provide food for patients in the
       pediatric and maternity wards. Because our funding
       is limited, we are only able to provide food five days
       a week,and do not have funds for other wards. We
       are attempting to expand this very important
       program. (For more information, see Hospital Food
    ; to donate, please visit our Donation

  • Support medical services at the Shirati hospital.

  •    We recruit medical personnel to volunteer in
       the Shirati hospital.

  • We send medical supplies and equipment to the

  •    So far, through the help of Medshare
       (, we have shipped two 40-
       foot containers of supplies and equipment to Shirati.

    Little by little, but steadily, we are making a difference.